How to Learn Fast?

What is the magical power that you wish you had? If you ask us, we’d suggest the power of learning anything faster. Think About it! 

Being able to do everything the world has to offer, or understand anything in just one-go, or to never run out of your job/business, and targeting your customers with the most unique and innovative ideas which makes them think – YOU’RE THE ONE FOR THEM! 

Even imagining such a thing is so fascinating. So, how would one feel while actually being able to possess it? We believe, Robert Kiyosaki also wished for such a magical power when he quoted that:

“In today’s fast-changing world, it’s not so much what you know anymore that counts, because often what you know is old. It is how fast you learn. That skill is priceless!”

Hence, we can say that learning new things is a life-long process and come to think of it, human beings hunch over curiosity and there’s nothing wrong about it either. Now the point of concern is, how to speed up this learning process? So that, we can acknowledge and experience more skills in this short life of ours and benefit from them to the fullest. 

+Hard Learning vs Smart Learning:

We’ve always been told to spend hours and hours if you want to grasp something and remember it for a longer time period but fortunately, this concept of hard learning has become inefficient and senile. Previously, we were unable to realize the fact that every individual is different as well as  their understanding capabilities or intellectual abilities. For instance, some people follow the idea of reading plain and comprehensive documents which helps satisfy their inquisitiveness, others go along with animations and videos where they can visualize and listen to everything, while some prefer catching up with the trending podcasts etc. 

Therefore, it is highly important that every individual is aware of his/her capabilities and how they process. This again is something which is very interesting to learn, No? In the similar manner, we can search our favourite learning options among the endless list of topics and ideas, now that the world has digitized.

Then comes the smart techniques by which we can optimize this learning process and benefit from them including taking effective notes, modifying the method of your learning according to one’s own preferences, and finally the practical implementation of everything that you learn.This will help you save ample amounts of time which you can substitute elsewhere. For this article, we are going to focus on some of these techniques which might help a larger crowd to improve their learning processes. 

+Understand Your Psychology: 

As briefly identified earlier, every individual is different from the other which is why people study psychology in pursuit of understanding how most people behave to some specific conditions or situations etc. Moreover, it helps them to strategize accordingly so that they do not dive blindly into this complex art of learning rather they invest their time in the right direction. As some of us are students who are always short of time in regards to their academic struggles, others are working individuals who have to cope up with so much that they hardly get time for themselves, and many others. Hence, time can not be wasted regardless of anything!

As we say in the business world, if the driving force behind any opportunity, threat, or a simple trouble is unknown, how do you expect to solve it? Similarly, every individual needs to have a sound understanding of their own light and darkness so that they do not get swayed into the dark holes. For this, taking fun psychology quizzes online, or consulting a specialist, or learning it by yourself through online resources might be useful. By the way, we highly recommend our Voin education’s learning platform for course consultation as we are coming up with dozens of tips & tricks shortly! 

+Refer to Multiple Methods: 

Nowadays, we have so many options, so many resources, and an unlimited sea of information that we can consult in order to educate ourselves, and we would hardly come up with an excuse to not do so! For examples, there are recorded lectures of people who are teaching the complex and diversified concepts which were previously not easily accessible, animated videos which are very interesting for children and youth who likes the idea of visualizing fancy things along the learning process, then mobile applications which provides you insights regarding the current and viral information or skills which one can learn to improve and thrive etc. 

Other than these, there are many informative yet breath-taking movies, web-series, podcasts, interviews and what not! As they say, if you have the will, the opportunities are endless. People are unable to see because they are not that well-motivated yet. 

+Taking Effective Notes:

Some might argue that this technique is old and time-consuming; however, highlighting important points is completely different from writing/noting-down literally everything. As our minds are such beautiful spaces that we can easily save anything in it for later use but, even to do that, we need to pin-point the important facts while learning. 

Think of it as saving a file in your computer. Whenever we have a large amount of data, we store it by giving it a title, or a heading which makes it easier to remember and skim through it all, because otherwise we might get lost into that endless flow of information. For that, we have ample amounts of mobile applications which are user-friendly and effective in terms of saving time etc. 

+Sharing You Ideas: 

This is among our most favorite techniques before we also love sharing what we know! People usually have concerns and a perception that if they’ll share their knowledge, it’ll decrease or completely end whereas, it is quite the opposite. When we learn something, and then discuss it with other people, we are critically analysing that piece of information by which, we can filter the important aspects moreover, deliver the good things to others as well. 

This has to be incorporated into our everyday lives because we are not only helping ourselves understand something rather we are doing a good deed for a wider audience simultaneously. For example, if You have learnt a new skill, share it with us! Or write about it at the discussion forums where millions of people are actively interacting with one another. This will help you clarify your own concepts and also enrich you with the opinions and suggestions of others as well. As people can have numerous explanations for a simpler concept. 

+Practical Implementation:

This might be something which all would be well-aware of i.e., putting your knowledge to action. Even if we look around, people who are successful and knowledgeable are the ones who are benefiting from their skills and not just sitting idle. 

Moreover, bookish knowledge or a learning process without a practical implementation is never ultimate as there are several assumptions and limitations which might have not been possible to overcome while writing about them. Additionally, each person has his/her own experiences from which new things or ideas evolve. If we do not dive into this phenomena, we would not be able to avail its fruitfulness. 

+Never Compare Yourself with Others: 

Last but the most important one, observing others is a healthy technique however, comparing their success and failures to yourself is rather critical. Mostly because, that might not specifically apply to our lives and circumstances. People usually end up getting disappointed due to the fact that their favorite person’s techniques about learning or dealing with something didn’t work for them! Which is why, we stress, idealizing others is good until it’s not bothering or messing up your own life. 

Since our world has become so sensitive and at times, very pretentious due to the invasion of the concept of being perfect over real. We might not always get the real picture behind ones’ success because nobody shows their flaws or are willing to do so. Why would they? They have come so far, with all their will and hard work, why would they easily share with others? Therefore, one needs to get inspiration from other successful individuals and then apply it to their own lives to make innovative and effective strategies towards transforming their lives. For example, every book is not beneficial or helpful to everyone which is why, every individual should search for the ones which inspire them the most. 

Rise of Online Education and its impact in Pakistan 

Come to think of it, technology has been transforming our lives, shifting our focus from the real world to the virtual one. A facility which was nearly non-existent just a decade back, has become a staple part of everyone’s life, changing the way we communicate and collaborate with each other, how we shop, socialize with one another, and even how we manage our learning process. Likewise, businesses are also integrating digital techniques into their models to enhance the monetization of their products and services, benefitting from the vast and never-ending database of information to maximize their sales. However, the basis of our article is to learn more about online education and its rising trends which are leaving their vital impact over the Pakistani nation.

What is Online Education?

Online education, as the name suggests, is basically the inclusion of internet tools & techniques to deliver education whether it is video-based, live with one-on-one calls, group calls, or webinars etc. The concept was derived from the term “distant learning” which is more or less similar to the above mentioned idea i.e., cost efficient, time saving, and borderless. Therefore, educators can enroll students from around the world regardless of their own teaching location.

Over the past few years, online education has seen rampant growth rates all over the globe as people are recognizing its potential and overcoming its challenges. Moreover, when utilized at its full potential, online education can prove to be better than the traditional learning process because it is more fun and engaging. 

Think for a while, how many times have you found yourself distracted and looking outside the window while being in a classroom environment? That might have occurred with each one of us mainly because the old teaching methods are boring and not frequently updated. Educators are not providing the latest information or using the techniques to help boost up the interest of their students either due to lack of availability of the relevant technology, or inability to do so. 

+Impact on Pakistani Nation:

Pakistan has been unfortunate in terms of its literacy rate which has been stuck around 58-60% for a great deal of time. As education has never been a priority to our political leaders and none have tried to bring in reforms to help alleviate the quality of the learning process uptil now. However, with the arrival of this unforeseen pandemic, the shift which our institutions were obligated to make from traditional to virtual learning systems has proven to be an extraordinary opportunity by which we can let go of old ways and move brightly towards the future. 

Elliot Masie quotes the importance of online education by saying that “We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning” and we couldn’t agree any less. This might be among the most prominent solutions for resolving the illiteracy issues existing in Pakistan. This can be focussed towards both the first hand learners or the business employees which needs to be trained for some specific skills. As online education does not have to halt at any point, rather it is a continuous process where people can learn whichever skill they wish, from wherever they live, whichever institute they prefer, and without spending hefty amounts over it. 

The educational programs which are mostly prevalent in Pakistan nowadays include the Hybrid System, Online courses, and the MOOCs. Each of these have their own positive and negative aspects and people are free to choose whichever they like. Moreover, this trend is also increasing because most of the learning management systems are using mobile applications which are benefited with the increase of 4G and internet services, becoming more accessible to people. Other than this, education has become more people centric over the last decade which has helped both the educators and learners in significant ways. 

However, some may argue that this unplanned and sudden move towards online education was nothing more than a poor experiment with no results, we believe that this is not only helped the current educational system but this inclusion of information technology in the learning process will further accelerate and might as well become an integral part of the nationwide schooling. For that, there would be many challenges which we might have to overcome including the reliability of students’ and teachers’ internet accesses, technology struggles for participation, and fulfilling the gap that we have to bridge with other developed nations. 

+To Wrap up!

The rise in the online education system can provide significant benefits to the Pakistani nation for which we all have to work hard over, Voin as well is coming up with the most efficient learning management system that’ll help the administrations, learners, educators, and even the parents to identify the latest learning trends and the important skill set which can provide each individual with an opportunity to be the boss of their own expertise. Moreover, this won’t be limited to those who can come to the institutions; rather, online education will focus on people who were previously not able to participate including the minorities, people with specialties, and those residing in the remote areas with no access to schooling facilities etc. In this way, we can finally benefit from the true talent that has been unknown to the wider audience previously and also help alleviate the literacy rates of Pakistan by easing the learning process.